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Incomparable Couples

Rose Hartman - March 2015

ACC Distribution


Rose Hartman is a legend. An omnipresent force on the New York City social scene, Rose stands as one of the most prolific photographers of our age. As a woman photographer, Rose has jumped over every hurdle in a male-dominated world to create a huge body of work, documenting the demimonde of fame and glamor in the center of world culture. If you are famous, she has most likely photographed you, whether you know her well or not at all. Her groundbreaking photography straddles the boundaries between street photography, paparazzi photography, portraiture and documentary photography. 

The images included in this book are prime selections of couples - artists and muses; designers and muses; family; mothers and children; pets; friendships; models and friends; lovers; marriages - photographed by Rose over the years, and yet they are far more than pictures of two people.

Incomparable Women of Style

Rose Hartman - December 2012

ACC Distribution


Features more than 200 photographs, including rare vintage silver prints developed by Hartman in her home studio, as well as a group of never-before-seen images of New York City's underground style icons. Chronicling a world of beauty and style, photographer Rose Hartman has captured fashion's trendsetters for three decades, and in so doing has helped to define what we remember most about glamour and those who create it. Incomparable: Women of Style is a book for fashion aficionados, photography and popular culture fans, and those fascinated with celebrity. This gorgeous volume spans more than 35 years and includes both iconic and rarely seen pictures of celebrated women known for their unparalleled taste and style. Rose Hartman's lens has given order to the chaos of openings, runways shows, and couture's triumphs and tragedies, by letting the viewer see the substance behind the form. With her photographs appearing worldwide in books and magazines, she has distinguished herself as a photographer whose eye is so keen, even her candid work has the finish and insight of portraiture. What one fails to realize is that many of the photographs associated with a style, an event, and an era, have belonged to Hartman.

Birds Of Paradise - An Intimate View Of The New York Fashion World

Rose Hartman - 1980

Dell Publishing Co.


Birds of Paradise is a whirlwind tour of the New York high fashion world. Penetrating the inner sanctums of this multi-billion dollar industry, journalist and photographer Rose Hartman explores its creative energies and high-strung personalities with wit and insight. From the designer names that have become buzzwords for elegant taste and classic style-Halston, Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren-to the innovators and adventurers-Betsey Johnson, Stephen Burrows, Kenzo, and Sant' Angelo among others-Rose Hartman surveys the essential excitement of each new season's offerings and the electric atmosphere of the fashion show. She takes us unto the studios and offices of the photographers, model agencies, publicists, and department store buyers to show the high-stakes business of "packaging" talent and fashion. And, following the fashion world's typical fourteen-hour day, Ms Hartman makes the rounds of parties, galas, and extravaganzas-each more lavish than the last-that attract the beautiful people, jet-setters, artists, and culture moguls who buy the clothes and create the 'scenes'.

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