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Øtis Mass - Director/Producer


Cooked up in the sweltering southern heat of North Florida and raised

on a balanced diet of skateboarding and heavy metal, Øtis Mass eventually made his way to the Big Apple to pursue his dream of becoming either a Radio City showgirl or a director. Earning his film degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and paying his dues in the world of editing and graphic design, Øtis quickly gravitated to his true love: filmmaking.


Øtis met Ms. Hartman (the subject of his film) randomly at an event supporting Rose’s wildly successful book, “Incomparable Women of Style”.  Three years of shooting later, he has created a multi-dimensional story about a New York Character who captured the most incredible photos of every celebrity imaginable at various New York galas, events and nightspots.  Their work together has culminated in a film that astounds, informs and entertains as we see Rose’s world through Øtis’ lens.


Øtis began his career working on music videos, celebrity beauty spots, and has worked with such major advertisers as Hyundai, Neutrogena, Dove, US Men’s Soccer Team, Verizon, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Crest, Head and Shoulders, Barclay’s Bank and The Mayor’s Office of New York to name a few.  Throughout this experience he found that in addition to gorgeous image making and visual artistry, he had a magical aptitude for directing people in front of the camera.  Having worked with professional actors, celebrities and real people, øtis has shown an uncanny ability to connect and get inside his talent’s heads to bring out their most compelling, interesting, hilarious and heart felt moments. 

Sally Antonacchio - Executive Producer


Born in Naples, Italy and bred in New York City, Sally Antonacchio is the owner/Executive Producer of storied production company, The Artists Company.  She began her assent to owner of a hugely successful production company by starting as the CFO, then moving to VP before taking over the company.  


Sally has been involved with “The Incomparable Rose Hartman” as Executive Producer since the very first meeting with Rose at one of her book presentations supporting the “Incomparable Women of Style”, Rose’s highly successful collection of photos published by ACC.  Sally had the insight to see that there was more than just a photographer in her midst, but a woman with a very compelling story for her director to tell.


In addition to her arduous job, Sally has been a constant contributor and philanthropist to the industry at large, holding key roles within the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers), The DGA and being on the board of PHBP (Producer’s Health Benefits Plan).  In June of 2012, Sally was presented with the Jay B. Eisenstat Award for Distinguished Service in the Production Industry at the annual AICP MoMA Awards show.

Bob Fisher - Producer


After graduating from college, Bob moved to New York to produce documentary films.  Along the way, he found himself with a 30 year successful career producing award winning television commercials. In 2008, Bob turned his creativity to longer form projects.  Since that career detour, Bob produced “The Surge” a military expose on the strategy behind the War in Iraq.  His next project was a little more humorous as he produced the 2009 Cheech & Chong Reunion Tour Film, “Hey, Watch This”.  Next was the successful pilot for Jerry Seinfeld’s, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”.  Next was the move from humor to very, very dark humor producing the indie film, “Love, Sick, Love”, Bob continues to look for creative projects that can tell a story and inspire conversation and controversy.


“The Incomparable Rose Hartman” was an opportunity to get back to his documentary film roots which was the reason Bob moved to New York in the first place.  

Ian Mayer - Editor/Associate Producer


A Clio-Award winning freelance editor and graphics artist living in New York City, Ian's past editing work includes ESPN's Inside: U.S. Soccer's March to Brazil, MSNBC's Pot Barons, and various television commercials. He has created visuals for two SuperBowl Halftime Shows, two televised music awards performances for KE$HA and Beyoncé, and concert tours for Beyoncé, Roger Waters and Norah Jones. 


He previously worked at Breathe Editing,, and with Pytka, Aero Films, Warner Brothers, and Touchstone Pictures. Ian studied filmmaking at the University of Arizona.

Joe Miuccio - Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer


Joe began his career as a re-recording mixer and sound designer at a top NYC film editing company. While there, he was re-recording mixer and sound designer for countless award winning advertising campaigns. As a composer and guitarist, he has created original music and sound design for numerous commercials, documentaries and short films. He received a Clio Finalist award for music and sound in 1992, as well as a Mercury award in 2005.


Over the years he has recorded hundreds of actors and narrators in English and in over a dozen different languages. As well as being owner of Pure Sound Incorporated in New York City, Joe is the CEO and Founder of, a social network joining audio professionals around the globe.

Chris Ryan - Post Production Colorist


Chris Ryan is known for his expansive knowledge of film and pop culture and his ability to converse in visual references with his collaborators to develop imaginative looks for commercials, television, film, and the web. He has aided directors across all mediums, and worked with the Criterion Collection to preserve classics such as 8 ½, Gimme Shelter and Richard III.


A longtime fan of The Go-Go’s, a signed photo of Jane Wiedlin hangs above his console.

Manish Ayachit - Composer


Based in Los Angeles, Manish is a songwriter, producer and composer.  He has composed award winning scores for short films and produced music placed in numerous commercials.  In October 2014, he joined Mirrorball Entertainment (founded by pop music mixing legend Tony Maserati) as a songwriter and producer to help create the next generation of hits. 

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